The Swedish independent band Hion Martell is a band that refuses to give up their musical integrity.

During the history of the band Hion Martell, they have been testing many various styles, bordering at country, soul, blues and heavy rock, all the time making music in a style of their own.

Listen in - you won't be disappointed!

In April 2016 Ljusdals bryggeri started selling their Hion Mart-ale Riffs In A Bottle.

The beer is available at Systembolaget:

The beer is described as "Fruity, slightly burnt taste with a distinct bitterness , hints of toffee, dark rye bread , dried figs and chocolate."

On September the 20th 2014 the HION MARTELL album, Riffs In A Box, was released. The album is produced by Daniel Lindblom. Genre -wise, there are no surprises.

It's still about "Bluesy Meat & Potato Rock & Roll". But since all the songs on the album are recorded in the same studio with the same producer, it has a more coherent sound than previous works, which have often been recorded using a variety of recording studios and producers.